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At The Yoga Lab we offer opportunities for our students, and ourselves, to go deeper into the practice with juicy, fun, in depth yoga workshops and retreats.

Yoga Basics Beginner's Series

Urdvha Mukha Svanasana

Learn the Basics! This 4 week series will set you up for a well informed progressive yoga practice. Learn the foundations: basic forms of postures, names of postures, basic alignment for a safe practice, class structure and specialized modifications for your body. This four week series will move you through a 90 minute yoga practice, in 4 different 75 minute classes! Saturdays February.

February 7 - 28 from 4:30 - 5:45pm

 Registration Now Open $40 early registration, $45 after February 4

Taught by Ulla Lundgren, E-RYT 500

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali: Samdhi Pada


In this 4 week class we will explore the first 20 Sutra of Patanjali's First Book: Samadhi Pada.

Each week we will dive deeply into 5 Sutras (in order); learn to chant them, and begin to explore their meanings. We will continuously add Sutras each week until we are chanting the first 20 together in succession.

Please come explore the sounds, vibration and depth of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras with me as we explore these ancient scriptures, their meaning, and power!

*It is definitely to ones benefit to attend the entire 4 week session. Although, weekly drop-ins will be allowed at the $25 "drop-in" rate.

Mondays 7:15-8:45pm - January 19, 26 & Feb. 2, 9th

$95 for all four classes; $25 per class "drop in" rate

Led by Tara Mala White, E-RYT 500

Registration Now Open!

Suggested reading/ Book list:
The Yogi's Roadmap by Bhavani Maki (for sale at The Yoga Lab)
The Yoga Sutras; Samadhi Pada workbook by Baba Hari Dass
The Yoga Sutras by Nicolai Bachman

Birthing From Within® PreNatal Yoga & Childbirth Preparation

Birthing From Within Logo

Sundays 6PM - 8PM January 25 through March 1

Price: $145

Led by Catherina Simones

Honor and celebrate this scared rite of passage by preparing mentally, physically and emotionally for the process of childbirth and transition into parenting. Discover what YOU need to birth in awareness with yoga, education and art.

Build a foundation for birthing in awareness by exploring these topics:
-Breath-Awareness and Pain-Coping techniques for labor and life
-Confidence and communication building practices with your partner
-Useful positions and physical support for labor
-Compassionate use of medications and interventions
-Preventing or minimizing emotionally difficult births through compassionate, honest preparation
-Breastfeeding, Baby and Self-Care postpartum

The BIRTHING FROM WITHIN® approach differs from other childbirth methods by taking you beyond learning about birth, into an exploration of the spiritual and emotional realms of being in birth. This personal, inner learning is facilitated through thought-provoking dialogues, creative processes, experiential exercises, and more. These workshops honor the spirituality of birth and remind you that the journey through Laborland and Birth is a profound rite of passage.

This workshop is appropriate and beneficial for mothers at any stage of pregnancy.
Suggested (but not required) books: Birthing From Within by Pam England
Please contact Catherina, if you have any questions, concerns or would like more information. csimones(at) 541.639.2995. Registration Now Open

Lay Down & Rest! Yoga Nidra


Lay Down & Rest! Yoga Nidra is a transformative guided meditation practice, done lying down, that promotes healing and regeneration at all levels of your being. The US Veterans Administration has provided yoga nidra sessions to Vets to treat PTSD, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, sleep disorders and chronic pain. Yoga Nidra also empowers intentions, manifests goals, recharges the immune system, and delivers a deep sense of well-being.

Give yourself this gift of deep self-care. Clarify your intentions. Direct your innate creative power towards your life goals.

This 2 hour workshop includes a brief, gentle Radiant Health Yoga® asana practice, self-reflective writing and a simple Integrative Brain Dance to support whole brain function and optimal results. No prior yoga or meditation experience needed. Helpful handout provided. CEU Certificate of Attendance available for Oregon LMT’s and Yoga Alliance RYT’s. Bring a journal, a cherished goal, water bottle, blanket, and yoga mat. 

Sunday February 8th 2PM - 4PM $30

Registration Now Open

Joanna Cashman RN, E-RYT, LMT is the director of Radiant Health Wellness, a non-profit organization offering holistic health services including Radiant Health Yoga®, Acutonics, AcuGraphing, Massage Therapy, Reconnective Healing, Conscious Dance and Integrative Brain Dance. For a menu of services visit