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The Yoga Lab is a collaborative effort among friends and yoga teachers to offer Central Oregon insightful, grounded, and fun yoga classes. Several years ago, Ulla, Rebecca and Aleta met in the Bend yoga community and starting teaching and practicing together. In 2013 they joined forces to open The Yoga Lab, a center where you can find multi-traditional, contemporary yoga supporting modern day practice. The Yoga Lab boasts experienced & respected yoga teachers offering Vinyasa, Restorative and Hatha Yoga teachings.

As a student at The Yoga Lab, you will experience a range of non-dogmatic, core traditions of yoga and meditation. You will always be greeted with a smile and an acceptance of you, your body, and your practice. All ages welcome, all levels encouraged sample our class offerings.


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The Yoga lab is located in beautiful Bend Oregon; a mecca of yoga classes and outdoor activities.

Address : 550 SW Industrial Way | Suite 170 | Bend, OR

Phone : 541-633-7363


Muse Women's Conference: Voices. Stories. Conversations

March 6 - 8, 2015: Three days of events celebrating women and girls as catalysts for change. Visit the Muse website for more information and tickets.


Petit Marchi, Yoga Teacher, Inspiration

We asked our women of The Lab to share their stories and how yoga inspires them and here's what they said:

My Yoga practice is a precious series of breaths and forms that allow me to feel and to reset. It is my time to explore my tendencies, where I blossom and where I fall short. It allows me the time and space to be reminded of the need to be kind to myself, despite how challenging that may feel at times. Most importantly, my practice enables me to go out into the world with more awareness in myself so I may hold space for others as we experience the profound truth of our connectedness.  –Emily

Yoga practices have supported my recovery from early trauma and domestic violence by reconnecting me to a body I had vacated. It has taught me that my body is now a safe place to be. Asana, pranayama, and nidra have all helped me to restore the broken bridge between body and mind and allowed me to access and honor the intuitive wisdom of my body. Words cannot express how grateful I am for these 5,000 year-old healing practices.  I shudder to think about where I would be without them.  -Anonymous

My yoga practice inspires me to care for myself (physically, emotionally, spiritually) to be the strong, capable, and powerful woman I can be when at my best. It teaches me to LOVE myself, amidst the chaos of being a mom/wife/full-time job holder, and to embrace that chaos by sitting at the center of it. –Anonymous

Yoga is a way to bring peace and light into my body, mind and spirit. When I am at peace my vibration is lifted. When I am authentic the world around me mirrors back the love I feel and we as a community stand together in grace. –Debra

Simply by coming to practice. Being present, open and aware. I become a vehicle for healing and transformative energy. That loving energy is a gift not only for ourselves but to all sentient beings, we are a continual exchange of energies all interconnected whether we can see it or not. Yoga is purely That which is Truth and Divine energy. –Megan Marie

Yoga saved my life. After my mother committed suicide, yoga carried me out of the darkness and back into the light of life. It is my foundation, my grounding, my sanctuary, when the chaos of life starts to overwhelm. It has been such a gift for me that I decided to become a yoga teacher so that I may share its energy with students each week.  On or off of the mat, yoga is that safe space where I can let go of the things that weigh me down. It is a space for healing, for finding the stillness that resides within each of us and for discovering the magnitude of layers within our own consciousness. -Christina